On Louis Kahn's Situated Modernism:

"This book will durably change the paradigm by which we have viewed Louis Kahn now for several decades."
-- Francesco Passanti

"This book offers a refreshingly new reading of Louis Kahn...far from being a solitary genius, Kahn was deeply involved in the discourse of his time, searching for an architecture that would foster community within a democratic society."
-- Alan Colquhoun, Princeton University

"This book attempts to re-define Modernism through Kahn, and one cannot help having sympathy and respect for the attitudes expressed in such a unique work."
-- Hiroshi Matsukama, A+U

On Anxious Modernisms:

"This book gracefully and intelligently refutes the perception of 'the several decades of architectural culture that followed the Second World War as an interregnum between an expiring modernism and a dawning postmodernism.'"
-- John Morris Dixon, ARQ

"Goldhagen proposes an interesting framework for analysis that accounts for both the Modern Movement's historical reality and its complexity." --Hilde Heynen, Back from Utopia: The Challenge of the Modern Movement

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Architecture Critic, The New Republic
Editor, Positions: On Modern Architecture and Urbanism/ Histories and Theories
Positions is a joint publication of the University of Minnesota Press and the Netherlands Architecture Institute Publications

"Rethinking Modernism in Architecture"
"Architecture Matters: Welcome to Your World"

Global Citizen: The Architecture of Moshe Safdie. With Donald Albrecht. Scala, forthcoming.
Louis Kahn's Situated Modernism. Yale University Press, 2001.
Anxious Modernisms: Experimentation in Postwar Architectural Culture. CCA and MIT Press, 2001. With Réjean Legault. Paperback in print.

"Ultraviolet: Alvar Aalto's Embodied Rationalism," Harvard Design Magazine, fall 2007.
"Snapshots: Monumentality in Postwar Architecture," in Architecture between Spectacle and Use, ed. Anthony Vidler, Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in association with Yale University Press
Also forthcoming in Alvar Aalto and America, edited by Stanford Anderson, Gail Fenske, and David Fixler.

"Something to Talk About: Modernism, Discourse, Style," Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, summer 2005.
"Showing Cities What Planning Can Accomplish: Techniques for the Production of Locality in Josep Luis Sert's Peabody Terrace," Harvard Design Magazine, fall 2005.
Also published in Josep Luis Sert: Fifty Years of Architecture, eds. Miró Foundation and Josep Maria Rovira, spring 2005.

"Critical Themes of Postwar Modernism" (with Legault) in Anxious Modernisms, edited by Goldhagen and Legault.
"Freedom's Domiciles: Three Projects by Alison and Peter Smithson" in Anxious Modernisms, edited by Goldhagen and Legault.
"Reconceptualizing the Modern" in Anxious Modernisms, edited by Goldhagen and Legault.
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"Making Waves" (on complex geometries and landscape in recent architecture), New Republic, February 2008.
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"Detail and Abstraction: The Inevitable Task," in Detail: The Special Task,, catalogue essay with contributions by Helen Searing, M. Christine Boyer, and Patricia Conway. A.I.R. Gallery, New York, 1984.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: Book, Conference, and Exhibition Reviews
Review of Mark Wigley, White Walls, Designer Dresses, in Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 1997.
Review of Michael J. Lewis and Eugene Johnson, Drawn from the Source: The Travel Sketches of Louis I. Kahn, in Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 1997.
Review of Meredith Clausen, Pietro Belluschi, Modern American Architect, in Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, December 1995.
Review of Dolores Hayden, The Power of Place: Urban Landscapes as Public History, in GSD News, Fall 1995.
Review of Lawrence J. Vale, Architecture, Power, and National Identity, in Design Book Review, Summer/Fall, 1993.
"Bringing the Mall Back Home," in Architectural Record, September 1985.
Review of "The International Style in Israel: From Europe's Utopian Dreams to the Pragmatism of Palestine," in Architectural Record, 1985.
Review of Dolores Hayden, Redesigning the American Dream: The Future of Housing, Work and Family Life, in Architectural Record, 1984.

"Reconceptualizing the Modern: Postwar Architectural Culture 1944-1968"
Organized a three-stage initiative to open up the field of postwar architectural culture. The first in spring 1998 was a public conference with twenty-four panelists held at the Harvard Design School. The second in spring 1999 was an intensive follow up workshop with eighteen participants at Canadian Centre for Architecture. The third was the publication of Anxious Modernisms. Sponsored by Harvard Design School, Canadian Centre for Architecture, and Graham Foundation.

"America's Infrastructure Crisis," School of Architecture Lecture series, Northeastern University, fall 2007.
"Modernism and Embodied Rationalism," Boston University, Department of Art History, March 2007.
"The Independent Group and its Legacy, Symposium on the Independent Group and its Legacy," organized by Anne Massey and Nigel Whiteley, Tate Britain, London, March 23-24, 2007.
Dean's lecture series, School of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin, March 2006.
Dean's lecture series, School of Architecture, Rice University, March 2006.
"William Jordy - A Commemorative Symposium," Department of Art and Art History, Brown University, March 2006.
Keynote Speaker, Annual Meeting, Society of Architectural Historians, Southwest Chapter, Fort Worth, Texas, October 2005.
Speaker, "Architecture between Spectacle and Use," symposium organized by Anthony Vidler, Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, Spring 2005.
"The Embodied Mind and Its Challenge to Modern Architectural History," Session Chair, Society of Architecture Historians, Annual Conference, Vancouver, 2005.
Respondent, "Eero Saarinen, Formgiver of the American Century," School of Architecture, Yale University, March-April, 2005.
"Constructing Modernism: The Exhibition Program at the Museum of Modern Art, 1933-1939," in "When Modern was Modern" conference, School of Architecture, Yale University, October 2004.
Dean's Lecture Series, School of Architecture, SUNY Buffalo, March 2004.
"Kahn and His World," at "Engaging Louis I. Kahn: A Legacy for the Future," symposium sponsored by the Yale Center for British Art, the Yale University Art Gallery, and the Yale University School of Architecture, January 2004.
School of Architecture, Technical University, Delft, the Netherlands, December 2003.
School of Architecture (AHO), Oslo University, Norway, November 2003.
Halverson Lecture on American Architecture, Department of Art and Art History, Wellesley College, May 2003.
"Monumentality in Postwar Architecture," in "Monuments to Be Reconsidered: The Raison d'Etre of the Modern Heritage" session, Society of Architectural Historians annual meeting, 2003.
Session on modern architecture (organized by David van Zanten), College of Art Association, annual conference, Seattle, WA, 1993.
"Trends in Contemporary Architecture," Board of Trustees, Boston Museum of Science, 2003.
Keynote speaker, New England/Society of Architectural Historians annual meeting, 2002.
Dean's Lecture series, School of Architecture, University of Toronto, 2002.
Architecture Department Lecture Series, School of Architecture, Northeastern University, 2001.
Session on modernism and post modernism in architecture (organized by David Brownlee), Modernist Studies Association, annual conference, Philadelphia, PA, 2000.

TEACHING: Positions
Visting Associate Professor, Department of Art, Wellesley College, 2006-2007
Lecturer in Architectural History, Harvard Design School, 1999-2006
Assistant Professor in Architectural History, Harvard Design School, 1995-1999
Assistant Professor in Architectural History, School of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin, 1994-1995
Visiting Assistant Professor in Architectural History, Department of Art, Vassar College, 1993
Visiting Assistant Professor in Architectural History, School of Architecture, Columbia University, 1991

American Architecture and Urbanism, 1890-1990; Lecture, Harvard University, spring 2006.
Modernism/Modernity; Seminar, Harvard University, 2005.
A reading-intensive seminar reassessing principal theories of modernism in architecture in light of social theories of modernity by Anthony Giddens and Jürgen Habermas

The Dimensions of Modernism; Lecture, Harvard University, 2002.
Examines modernism as a complex response to modernity with cultural, political, and social dimensions.

Buildings, Texts, and Contexts: Case Studies in Modern Architecture; Lecture, Harvard University, 1995-present (co-taught with K. Michael Hays 1995-2001).
Core architectural history sequence for GSD professional students.

Reconceptualizing the Modern (previously entitled The Dissolution of the Modern Movement and the Birth of Team 10); Lecture, Harvard University, 1996-2001.
Examines reconceptualizations of modernist architecture and urbanism from 1930-1990.

Methodologies of Architectural History; Ph.D. Seminar, Harvard University, 1999 (co-taught with Alice Jarrard).
The Architecture and Urbanism of Louis Kahn; Lecture/Seminar, Harvard University, 1996.
Ideologies of Theory: Architecture and Culture After World War II; Seminar, Harvard University and University of Texas at Austin, 1994-1995.
Examines the interaction of postwar architectural theory and cultural theory and philosophy, covers the Frankfurt School, semiotics and structuralism, post-structuralism, and phenomenology.

Architecture of the Twentieth Century; Lecture, University of Texas at Austin, 1994-1995.
Survey class in 20th century architecture from Art Nouveau to the present.

Modern Architecture 1850-1930; Lecture, Vassar College, 1993.
Survey class of major architectural movements from the mid-19th century to the advent of the modern movement; emphasis on 19th century roots of the modern movement, and on the impact of industrial technology.

The Spread of Modernism, Modernist Critiques: Architecture 1930-1970; Lecture, Vassar College, 1994.
Art and Architecture from Prehistory to Postmodernism; Lecture, Vassar College, 1993-1994 (team-taught by the Department of Art).
Art Humanities; Lecture/Seminar; Columbia University, 1988-1992.
Case studies of major monuments in art and architectural history from the Parthenon to Raphael to Jasper Johns.

Consultant, Kansas City Design Forum, Kansas City, Missouri, 2004.
Consulted Architect Selection Committee, Museum of Science, Boston, 2002.
Consultant to the Architect Selection Committee, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, 1999-2000.
Commission for new museum awarded to Diller+Scofidio.

Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, MIT Press, and Yale University Press, 1995-present.

Ph.D. Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University, 1995.
Specialties: Modern and Contemporary Architecture and Contemporary Theory

M.A. Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University, 1987.
B.A. Department of English and American Literature, Brown University, 1982.
With Honors; Minor in Art History.

College of Art Association
Modernist Studies Association
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Society of Architectural Historians
Society of Architectural Historians, New England Chapter