About me

Architecture and landscapes, cities and urban design, infrastructure and public art -- all these constitute the built environment. That's what I write about. The things of the world that outlast us. For me, also, writing well, and authenticity of voice matters. 

My interests range widely. My current book project explores how, precisely, people experience built environments, drawing from current scientific research on cognition to demonstrate the centrality of design to well-being. I've also written other books, more historical in their approach and subject matter, on the great American architect, Louis Kahn, and on Postwar Modernism.

Between books, I've published a truckload of essays for scholarly and general audiences.

A Contributing Editor at Architectural Record, I was the New Republic’s architecture critic from 2005-2013. The publications I've written for include The New York Times (Op-Ed page, twice), Art in America, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Design Observer, the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians.

Before devoting myself full-time to writing, I taught for ten years at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and at some other colleges and universities. I liked teaching, but I like writing better.

I've lectured on contemporary and modern architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design at numerous colleges and universities around the world.

My cv gives a more systematic account of it all.